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Issue 06 - Page 51
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The Devon Legacy

Author Notes:

JustNoPoint 2/29/2012, 9:03 AM edit delete
So, it's been a LONG time since we have seen these two! I was really worried about making this Van have a decent design inside and out. It's kind of their staple automobile. I think my subconscious picked a van by combining the Ecto 1 and the Turtle Van XD

I realized I don't really have to worry about the design too much right now. If I do get a lot better during my practicing months then I'll just redesign it again. I realized that since the next comic is a new start I can redesign EVERYTHING if I feel I can improve it.

So characters, vans, etc may look different when I come back.


Patrick D. 2/29/2012, 1:57 PM edit delete reply

Patrick D.
Ecto 1 was pretty cool, being a Cadillac ambulance and not really a van. GIA probably won't start issuing '59 Cadillacs to their agents, (if indeed, there are still any left in the future,) though I can imagine Mote wanting one!
By the way, where is Mote getting "Reeree" as a nickname?
Guest 2/29/2012, 6:47 PM edit delete reply

Nice job on the light show in the sky. :D
Bransky 2/29/2012, 8:25 PM edit delete reply

This is awesome

It definitely deserves more subscribers.
man in black 2/29/2012, 8:41 PM edit delete reply

man in black
great page

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