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Issue 06 - Page 41
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The Devon Legacy

Author Notes:

JustNoPoint 2/14/2012, 8:23 AM edit delete
Apparently it's a jaw dropping page for Fenny :P

11 more pages till the issue and comic ends.
You know, in my original script I didn't ever actually have the base fire. Not even once. As I kept making the comic I thought it was pretty stupid how much I built up the weapon just for it to fade away and not be relevant to the story.

So that's pretty much why I decided to bring in the fleets of ships. Just so this thing would have stuff to shoot at :3
It also added to the "Doom" factor earlier in the story.


man in black 2/14/2012, 10:46 AM edit delete reply

man in black
Fenny celebrates, to bad she doesn't know her friend is basically dead

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