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Issue 01 - Page 13
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in Planet's Struggle
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The Devon Legacy

Author Notes:

JustNoPoint 5/25/2011, 4:21 AM edit delete
I think Cutter Grand was like a combination of some of my favorite good guys in tv series. I see a lot of Optimus Prime in his design that I didn't intend on when I was making his armor.


Genejoke 5/25/2011, 5:11 AM edit delete reply

Now I'm beginning to get a feel for this comic. wasn't sure at first but it's beginning to gel.
JustNoPoint 5/25/2011, 5:41 AM edit delete reply

I really have to apologize for the 1st issue. The comic starts getting a lot better in the second issue and each issue after that gets a lot better too.

1st issue was a bit of a bumpy ride.

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